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Examples of assembled houses

Let us know what are your demands, what will be modules using for – residential housing, cottage, commercial using, renting as a student housing, candy store, restaurant, office, retirement housing, kindergartens, mobile office in a case of natural disaster, houseboat or anything else – for how many people should it be serving for or what should be the energy consumption level of the house. Where will be the localization of module(s) – is it officially building site or not (the name of village and the specific number of your site). And afterwards we will send you back our proposition due to your information including expected house situating on your site. Just from this reason we don’t have any catalog of our modules or their compositions but we go forward to the individual needs of our customers. We provide this proposition, terrain setting or pre-negotiation with local authorities for free. You will pay also no charge for our disposition proposal and basic house visualization or no-obligation consulting with our specialists (including engineers, architects and representatives).

Example of realization: House extension 5 x 5 m


Photos from the factory 13. 02 . 2012

FOR WOOD 2012 13. 02 . 2012

8. 2. – 11. 2. 2012 FOR WOOD 2012 in Prague. Photos

Certified European Passive House Designer 22. 01 . 2012

We are joining a 10-days prestige international course of passive house designing where we will gain the Europe-wide certificate called „Certified European Passive House Designer“. „Certified European Passive House Designer“.

Wood in the city 23. 10 . 2011

20.10.2011 – „Wood in the city“ in Prague. More information.

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