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Modular development

Modular construction comes from the idea of prefabrication of building parts which is more than 50 years old! Compared to conventional construction it excels in its lower acquisition costs and speed of construction.

MOBILE-POINT Corporation is based on the idea of modularization of construction which the company connects with its long-standing experiences in wooden houses. It leads to ability to design, produce and realize wooden modules which satisfy the highest demands of our customers. Company places a key emphasis on ecology and natural materials using. Wood is used for structures and natural basalt wools, cellulose and cork are used for building thermal protection.

MOBILE-POINT CORPORATION company focus on ecology of its products and try to enhance viewing of society and investors in this direction. And where is better to demonstrate this than in public facilities. Ecological construction also doesn’t inevitably need to mean increasing the cost, but on the contrary. And our products just prove that even with using of ecological materials and with environment gently attitude it IS ABLE to build Faster, with Higher Quality and even with Lower-Cost than by using the conventional method of construction.

Definite advantage of modular construction is its low time demands. Thanks to our professional equipment in our facilities which are one of the best in Europe we are able to provide even a big volume delivery in a very short time and very high quality. But low time demand isn’t our only priority.
Another our added values are ecology and Safety Executive. All aspects of our manufacturing in facilities or directly on construction sites are strictly controled by reliable and experienced leaders. All our workers are compulsory to wear appropriate protective components, clothing and shoes. Each worker has to attend training course focused on BOZP (Safety and health protection during the work) and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) at the beginning of employment and has to follow its rules during the whole work time. With the increasing amount of new methods and technologies another safety courses become a natural thing. Thanks to this rules the Mobile-Point Corporation a.s. can proudly display zero number of deadly accident and also zero number of accident with lifelong consequences.

We also demand the same safety access from all of our contractors and cooperative companies. Drivers pass courses of safety driving and every single visitor at the construction site has to use appropriate protective components and is compulsory to obey leader worker instructions.
Safety executive but isn’t the only component of our policy. We also focus on environmental protection and public health protection. Sustainable development and Ecology become our elementary indicators. For manufacturing our products we use only natural materials and products based on them. Structures are made of wood and for thermal insulation we use natural insulating material as well. Therefore if the life of house is ending and there won’t be any rebuilding it is practically possible to recycle all of its components or ecologically dispose them. That’s why Mobile-Point Corporation products leave only minimum trail in the environment.

Among advantages of our products is with no doubt also lower-cost for transportation of modules which leads to decreasing the road traffic and CO2 production. We do care about air protection on our planet. Thanks to our construction technology we also eliminate the need of wet processes and so we reduce necessity of using a drinking water. Many of our buildings are also supplemented by water recycling system which let us to use recycled water more than once.
Our modules are based about 35 cm over the terrain and need only minimal foundations which mean that they even don’t decrease the soil quality. In the case of using ground screws we don’t even need any concrete foundations at all and if we transport the building we transport it with its foundation as well. Former localization is then practically getting to the original status before any construction at all.
Mobile-Point Corporation is offering ideal products for today’s world where is necessary to quickly react on actual market demands. As we meant before our modules are based on ecology and sustainable development. These are connected also with lifetime period of modules. Modules are designed similar as other wooden houses for period about one century.

Nevertheless compared to conventional construction modules provide high variability and non-complicated modification. If during the module life time market demands will change or there will be innovation needs it is very simple to every each module rebuild and recommission it in a very short time. Eventually after making appropriate changes it is possible to move modules to another place and adapt it for a new function as senior housing, kindergarten, offices, shops, social housing etc. Therefore all of mentioned aspects also decrease the Total cost of ownership.

We are creating very flexible product which is able to react on actual demands not only about function but about localization as well.


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